Sunday, March 22, 2015

100 Posts on Human Health and Safety

The post this week is about blogging in general and this blog in particular.  When I started it almost two years ago, I did not think it would last for 100 blogs but it definitely has with at least a few more to go.  What I would like to do with the remainder of this post is point up some of the things I have learned and some of the very positive aspects of writing a blog.

I did not think that the blog was going to last this long because I did not think I had more than a few dozen topics that I could discuss in a blog.   I was wrong, however, the biggest factor in being wrong is that I did not count on the encouragement and inspiration I would get from you, the readers of this blog.   I started with a list of topics but that list just kept getting longer as I got more feedback.   Indeed, the interaction and networking with you, the readers of this blog, has turned out to be single most positive aspect of writing it.  Thanks to all that are helping to keep this going.

This blog has been a remarkable instrument in reaching folks, especially the professional folk I wish to interact with.   According to the statistics kept by, readers have visited this blog almost 47,023 times in the 48 week since it started for an average of about 980 views per week.  I rarely lecture to more than 50 folks in class or perhaps 10 times that amount at a professional conference session.  Plus, I hear from blog readers from all over the World whom I would have had a very small chance of ever meeting. 

I am sure the other blogging services do this as well, but one of the aspects that I really like about Google Blogger ( is that it provides a complete archive of all the previous blogs such that one can page back through them and find topics that might be of interest.    As a further convenience I have cut and pasted all of the post titles to date below. 

I remain very interested in hearing your comments about any particular blog and on what topics might be of interest to you in the realm of human exposure and risk assessment to chemicals.

99 Blogs from April 2013 to March 2015

The Air Pollution We Breathe:  Where does it come from?

Risk Based OELs (RBOELs)


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