Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Getting the Word Out There

This is my first journey into the world of  blogging.  I have been working in the field of human health risk assessment for many years but have only set out on my own as a consultant recently. For details please see my web site.  I love the work and feel like I have a lot to offer to clients in this area but I also thought I needed to get the word out to others.  When I asked how I might do this, everyone I trust and respect and knew something about this said that I needed to start a blog.   A place where I could present my ideas addressing issues and problems in the field.   A place where I could pose solutions to those with needs in this area.   So this is the start.  In the near future I will  be holding forth on such topics as:
  • The Actual Risk Posed by the Chemical we encounter every day
  • Actuarial Risk versus the Risk Estimated from Risk Assessment from Chemical Exposure
  • Exposure Modeling is good now
  • Exposure Modeling could be much better in the future
  • Uncertainty is the Bane of the RA Process
  • Trading Conservatism for Data
  • When worst case is good enough
  • When worst case is not good enough
  • The AIHA tools for Modelers
  • Exposure Assessment and Toxicity Assessment Inseparable Brothers
  • Dose Response Modeling
  • Exposure Limits and the Estimated Risk at the LimitW
If you have any topics or questions or problems in this realm I would be more than happy to address them if it makes sense and I think I can add something.