Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Dr. Thomas Armstrong National Treasure

I have written about Tom previously in this blog but his latest contribution to the realm of exposure modeling is really quite extraordinary.   It is 111 slides in a PDF file that contains the following gifts for anyone willing to view and study them:
  •     Worked examples annotated with Tom’s wonderful insight and guidance.
  •      Clear explanation of ALL  the basic elements of inhalation exposure modeling.
  •      Specific guidance to the importance of using                 thermodynamic activity coefficients (ACs).
  •          Where to get the tools for the determination of ACs
  •          Worked example of using ACs
  •     Use of EASTMAN Chemical's nominal evaporation rate scale to provide estimates of quantitative evaporation rates in mass/time.
  •     Numerous excellent referenced tables for Random Air Movement Indoors and the Eddy Diffusion Coefficient (Dt).
  •     Numerous references and links to get what you need to actually do exposure modeling.
  •     A wonderful annotated primer for IH MOD 2.

It is easily equivalent a multi-day course on the general subject but presented in a way such that it is relatively easy to follow.  This is especially true if you have some background in modeling or you are willing to delve into the AIHA Modeling text:  Methematical Models for Estimating Occupational Exposure to Chemicals, 2nd Ed. as a companion resource.

I will send the PDF file to anyone who requests it:

Tom would also love to hear from you.    He has been hospitalised twice recently with a serious illness.  The good news is that he is on the mend and will be out of the hospital soon.  The bad news is that he will miss this year’s AIHA Conference because he needs to undergo further treatment for his condition.  We have been corresponding while he was in the hospital and I recently wrote to him: 
"Tell your caretakers that you are a National Treasure and to get on with it!"   He wrote back that this brought a smile to his face.   The truth is that in the realm of IH he truly is a treasure. 

He is very regularly on email at: