Sunday, October 13, 2013

Introduction to IH MOD Slide Deck

Dr. Tom Armstrong is a good friend and colleague and a tireless worker in the cause of educating the Industrial Hygiene community.  Tom just recently dropped a free and valuable gift in our laps.   It is his 53 slide presentation as a PDF file introducing folks to IH MOD.

Those of you who have been reading this blog may know that I think very highly of IH MOD.  For some details, see the Sept 2, 2013 post:  Modeling Math made Easy or at least Easier

IH MOD is an Excel Spreadsheet Workbook file that literally has many hundreds of hours of development put into it.   It is very skillfully programmed in Visual Basic by Daniel Drolet.   I am pretty sure it was Tom who took the idea to Daniel and, at least initially, provided the lion's-share of technical support relative to the models.   I had the privilege of spending some time with  these two a few years ago in working on an expansion of the models.

IH MOD makes the mathematical calculation part of inhalation exposure modeling easy, indeed almost trivial, and it is written to be user friendly.   Now we have 53 slides that provide an excellent introduction to this great tool.    In the slides Tom covers the following:

  • Brief theory of modeling to estimate exposures 
  • What IH Mod is 
  • Contents and layout of IH Mod 
  • Starting and Navigating in IH Mod 
  • Entering parameter values in IH Mod 
  • Interpreting the results from IH Mod 
  • Examples of what IH Mod can do 
  • Worked Examples for you to try IH Mod 

The slides are available online at:

Even if you do not plan on studying or viewing these slides soon - it is worth downloading and saving the PDF as a reference for future study.  If you EVER want to get into exposure modeling (and all the career-advancing advantages that it could bring) you will be glad you did.

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